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Meet Jane and Amy

Being a parent is the most rewarding and most challenging thing I have ever done. The challenges melt away when I think about how rich my life has become with kids.

Because we are a same-sex couple and neither one of us felt a need to give birth – and because we knew there were many children waiting for forever families – we chose adoption. We chose local adoption as opposed to international because there were many children waiting for families right here in B.C.

Adopting our twins has given them a forever family. It has also opened up a whole world of connections for us with the foster parents who continue to be involved in their lives.

Our transracial adoption has also given us an awareness of how much human beings need to see people who look like them. We have a transracial family in a predominantly white town in the B.C. interior. We frequently go to larger cities so they can see themselves reflected in others. We take opportunities to talk about people of colour, and we open conversations with educators to ensure they know the importance of reflecting our children’s reality when discussing family at school.

As a same-sex couple, we were well equipped to be asked questions related to “difference” and are very happy to take on the role of being advocates for adoption and support for prospective adoptive families. While we did face some challenges in the adoption process, we think there have been gains made in this regard as social workers are educated and exposed to lesbian and gay families. My partner made a film, Conceiving Family (sponsored by the Adoptive Families Association of BC), that has helped with the education process for social workers and other stakeholders.

Our adoption journey has been one I wouldn’t change. We felt supported by the social workers and by AFABC. We felt like our community supported us, and we felt good about being part of the change we want to see – getting waiting kids out of foster care and into permanent families.